Being Pigmented

Come to the side
You look like a threat
Let me decide
You’re pigmented
That’s not your line
Come stand here, darling
So, I could pin you to a crime
You’re too colored
Maybe if you were a little more light
I would let you pass
So you could take this flight
But your name is odd
so is the color on your skin
we can’t let you leave
and neither can we let you in
Follow me
As I use code names
Out of all those people, you’re our new prey
let me take you to those empty chambers
and strip you of your pride
let me touch you all over
as you clench your teeth and close your eyes
let me break your ego
because your clothes are odd
and you can’t pronounce your ‘T’s and your ‘R’s
Hey, no hard feelings
We’re just doing our job
Thank you for your cooperation
And sorry for the scars
Maybe next time
you’ll stay
Where ever the hell you are.

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