You feel insecure
I can see it in your eyes
you look into the mirror
and you ask yourself why?

You don’t see a beauty
but a monster wearing a veil
hiding behind curtains
because you’re too afraid to fail

You don’t see your victories
or all those battles you’ve won
but you see that little flaw
and you say you’re done

You’ve hidden your smiles
beneath your frowns and complains
you touch the mirror
but then you jolt away

You want to be loved
so you look for comfort in someone else
how could anyone fall in love with you
when you don’t love yourself

You’re comparing your road and journey
to those people you see on tv
why don’t you look at your own path
because change always begins with ‘me’

You only see tears rolling down your cheeks
to the point that you’ve forgotten how to smile
you see those fit models
with their perfect skin and extravagant life styles

You feel useless
you use pen names, so you could hide
love you don’t have to look pretty
for your soul to shine

I know the person in the mirror
isn’t exactly what you wanted to be
so you close your eyes
and you pretend not to see

You’re so scared of losing
and taking the wrong step
you leave the battle field
and then you hide in regret

You scream and shout
and then you start to argue
you become the oppressor
to the person staring back at you

Your heart is aching
because you don’t know what to do
making a choice is hard
I know, I’ve been there too

But now,
I need you to look into the mirror
and open your eyes
say ‘fuck it all
it’s my turn to rise.’

Photo by Min An from PexelsCopy

10 thoughts on “Insecurities…

  1. Dear Rinum,
    Writers assert that words have the power to purify emotions,to let them be us in this contemporary hoax world where our smile is measured in the frame of Instagram and our body is deluged in the abyss of mirage of a quintessential meter by which this generation lives. To make an impression on a stranger who will not tore his soul apart when you weep in the dingy corners of the room.To waste yourself looking at the starry gutter,which in the end is also a gutter plagued by expectations of beauty,that is beyond human reach.
    This poem is for all the women who are told that they should change themselves to be accepted.They are lioness,and not many has the courage to live their truth.
    ‘Dare to love yourself
    as if you were a rainbow
    with gold at both ends.’
    Take care.

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    1. I’m glad that you liked it and this honestly means a lot. There’s no point of creating yourself into what the world expects. The body will fade away, but it’s the soul that will stay.. feed your soul, not false beauty standers. ..


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