Random facts about me…

I was born in Pakistan, and I came to the US when I was 4 years old. It’s been a back and forth journey ever since.

The fastest I’ve solved a Rubix cube is thirty seconds.

I’m learning how to play the guitar (and so far, I’ve mastered twinkle-twinkle little star).

I’m learning how to be ambidextrous. Yes, I can write with both hands… well kinda.

I usually don’t order food, because I like eating what other people order.

I have a bad habit of half-ing food. Meaning if I buy something I’ll only eat half, no matter how hungry I am.

I have claustrophobia and agoraphobia.

I dislike wearing makeup. I feel like I’m wearing a mask and hiding myself.

I hate wearing shoes. I like walking barefoot because I feel like I’m closer to Mother Earth.

I can daydream for hours and hours, and I would never get bored- that’s why I’m messed up in the head.

I love lying down on the grass and gazing up at the sky.

I love flowers, but I hate plucking them because I feel like they look beautiful when rooted to the ground.

I love the rain, even if it’s cold. I love the way the drops touch my skin and bounce off. (That’s why I never carry an umbrella and end up getting sick).

I’m scared of animals (and occasionally humans).

I love reading and writing. My phone is filled with unfinished novels, poems, and stories that I won’t ever publish.

I’m very passive aggressive. I could be dying, and I still won’t tell you why I’m mad.

I bite my lips and the insides of my cheeks when I’m nervous. If I’m scared, I’ll practically chew off my lips.

The thing I look in someone when I meet them for the first time is the way they smile.

I get cranky and mad if I don’t sleep well.

English is my least favorite subject. History and math are my most favorite subjects. I get excited when I have to solve algebraic equations.

I dislike seafood: I hate anything that’s not fish, including shrimp and crabs.

I love walking. I could walk all the way to California from NYC.

I’m not a morning person, nor am I a night person. I’m more of an evening person.

I like peeling lemons and eating them like oranges.

I love talking to myself. The voices in my head are more appealing than most people I know.

I don’t have a favorite color.

I’m a very sporty person. I love playing cricket, volleyball, badminton and now tennis.

I wear glasses, but you’ll barely see me wearing them.

I’m very sensitive to smell.

When I was young I had so many imaginary friends (I use them as my characters now).


Here’s a random picture of me when I was young…

37 thoughts on “Random facts about me…

  1. I loved this
    Thank you for sharing!
    The imaginary friends thing is cool. Keep on writing…. you never know, maybe one day you’ll want to publish 🙂 and even if you don’t now, the practice will make your writing better

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  2. You sound perfectly normal to me. You have some phobias, so do I, I’m normal. I don’t like make up for a different reason and go barefoot all the time. Give yourself a break, except the beauty inside and let that part of you glow. 🙂

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  3. I dislike make up for the reason that i feel it adds nothing, at the end of the day i ll wash my face and there i’m a potato once again, what am i hiding and to who and why at all? Lol, and abt unfinished novels and poems i feel it’s part of the author/poet life now 🙈 loved the picture you looked sooo cute God bless you 🙈 thank you for sharing 💕

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  4. I bite my lips and the insides of my cheeks when I’m nervous. If I’m scared, I’ll practically chew off my lips. …. #metoo 😀

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  5. I enjoyed reading this. I’m also Pakistani-born, but raised in Britain and I find it interesting the relationship between my two cultures. I’m both but neither. What I identify with is always in flux and probably always will be. By the way, your photos are adorable.

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