Monster Monster in the Mirror…

Break down your façades
your masks are slithering off
enough with all these covers
show me who you are.

Why are you running away from me?
Where will you hide?
Tell me what I need to know
I’m sick of all your lies.

Release me from yourself
I am no longer yours to keep
your form is changing again
you savage, ferocious beast.

Foolish girl.
Impatient child.

I am another image of you
trapped behind this glass prison
before pointing your fingers at me
remove the dirt from your vision.

You’re living in deception
there’s so much you don’t see
you’re the one who’s hiding
confiding yourself in me.

Why don’t you look a little closer?
and you will see it too
I am nothing but your reflection
shying away from you.

You’re transforming, look at yourself
and you will see it clearer
the monster you’re attacking
is showing you the mirror.

You’re not a beauty
darkness is smothered on your face
there’s venom in your touch
you’re nothing but a disgrace.

Cover your eyes, go ahead, block me
but there’s nothing you can do
how many layers will you wear?
I’m the monster hiding in you.

Monster Monster in the mirror

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19 thoughts on “Monster Monster in the Mirror…

  1. Hi Rinum,
    You should know that I actually wait for your blogs, and in every new post of yours you seemed to have crafted your poetry with extraordinary and deep lessons. I love to read your pieces, through your creations you have made me a big fan of yours and I’m too happy in letting you know how fond I have become of your posts!!!😍😍💙

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This cut so deep…just wow. The way we are eloquently able to sew a mask, to create illusions, to foretell myths, to manifest lies as truth and truth as lies, to cast spells of blindness, spells of ignorance is simply frightening. We are who we are. Who changes that but us?

    Stunning and brilliant poem. Truly 👍💕

    Liked by 2 people

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