Period cramps…


Being a girl is hard.
Having to bleed once a month is even harder.

The cramps that come and tie knots in your stomach make you feel like you have daggers piercing through your skin. It’s like getting shot. The pain is so bad that you feel like your abdomen is about to rupture and you’ll die if the pain does not stop. And it doesn’t. It gets worse.

Along with the cramps you get that nerve wrenching headache that pounds and makes you think you have a crushed skull. It’s like someone has taken an expandable elastic and has tied it around your head- stopping all the blood from flowing through your brain.

The loss of appetite and the gaining of appetite the very next moment makes your insides churn. Am I eating because I’m hungry or am I eating because I’m in pain? Either way, it’s terrifying. The bloated stomach. The leg pain. The back pain. The chest pain. Pain, in general, is magnified a hundred percent. That tiny paper cut I got last year is throbbing and I’m sitting here crying because it hurt really bad twelve months ago.

The mood swings. Wanting to die at one moment and then feeling like Adele the very next. Feeling sad over a text message and then laughing about it the next hour, and then crying over it again the next day.

The worst part of all this is having to be picky about what you wear. I can’t wear that… it’s too light…What if an accident happens and I look like I just ran away from a murder scene. Imagine having to explain that to someone. Honestly, I’d rather confess to the murder.

Sweats and an oversized hoodie seem safe. They’re always safe for every occasion. Don’t feel like changing. BAM throw on a hoodie. On your period, strap on a hoodie.

The thought process behind it takes so much energy that you lose brain cells while losing blood cells. Literally. And I don’t have many of either.

Maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe I can’t compare period cramps to being shot because I’ve never been shot. Maybe I’m annoyed by the fact that I can’t explain to people (ahem men) how bad it can get sometimes. Imagine sitting in physics class, minding your own business, taking down notes on quantum mechanics when a throbbing headache rips through followed by a wave of cramps. Forget about Quantum mechanics, in that state you forget how to add.

Now the pulverizing thoughts that swirl through your mind. Do I have a pad/tampon? What if I don’t? Maybe I’m hallucinating. Where am I gonna get a pad from?

And no, I don’t become a savage beast like the wolves do in fantasy movies when the full moon rises. I become worse. Stay fifteen feet away from me before I chew off your head and eat it raw. I’m joking. Yes, I get irritated and annoyed, but after a few hours, I return to my natural form. (Now my natural form is a mess and that’s a different story).

But having cramps is not fun. If your mom or sister or wife or friend is having cramps. Leave her alone… trust me you’ll be doing her a favor. Or you can be nice and get them hot chocolate or coffee (or maybe a ticket to the Maldives) and just ask, ‘if there is anything you can do to make things better.’ Trust me words have more power in them than actions do.

24 thoughts on “Period cramps…

  1. Perfect discription! I honestly don’t know how women managed through them without medicine. Getting your body shredded is not fun. It’s like entering the meet shredder thingy. Cue the depression songs 😂

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  2. I’m not sure why I laughed at the end, but I did.
    Honestly, I don’t think you’re exaggerating at all. I think every single person gets affected in different ways. I have a friend who I know from how she sounds when she has her period (coz’ of the sadness).
    Sending bear hugs your way.
    Ps, I used to keep a pad in every pocket, now I have in most bags. Trust, that if I ever need it I’ll be wearing the one thing that doesn’t have it.
    Love, light and glitter

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  3. When I was younger, my cramps would be so bad, I’d have to go somewhere to just sit and not think and not talk. Just zen out and go blank. Strangely enough, it worked. Fortunately, nowadays I don’t get them that bad, which is a relief. 😀

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  4. Hello A Rinum I am a guy who has had a number of female friends during my life time. I know how they suffered and I also have 6 sisters that suffered and still suffer like you do. Maybe, I am just a nice guy and care about females just as much as guys and the way they handle pain but your pains are terrible each month. God bless you and keep writing great blogs like this one !

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