Being broken or breaking…

The pillows you’ve cried on
have had your back
than most people you know

Isn’t it weird how the people you need the most in your life when you’re going through rough times, are the first ones to leave you? And sometimes the people you love, and trust are the first ones to break you. People who are supposed to catch you when you trip become the reason for your fall? And those that are supposed to put out the fire in your soul are the first ones to ignite it. Those that are supposed to help you swim are the first ones to push you into an ocean. But what bothers me the most is wondering if I, too, am classified in those ‘people’.

We often complain about being broken and being hurt, but have you ever wondered how many times you’ve hurt or broken someone? Why? Why do we do this? Is it something we do unconsciously?

26 thoughts on “Being broken or breaking…

  1. Hello 👍 interesting thoughts here. I’ve learnt that we are fickle beings and essentially I don’t think we set out to hurt others, but our own fears usually mess things up. I learnt a lot from my twin flame experience which was fairly messed up, but there is always room for improvement and just being really honest with ourselves, careful with others hearts.

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  2. I too have pondered on this and found it to be a give and take relationship. Everything seems to move in a circle. 🙂
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Hope you participate. 😊

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  3. I think I am one of the lucky ones and can’t thank God enough for all His grace 🙏
    I have always had so much love and understanding from so many and they have always been there for me. And I ask for His forgiveness if I have hurt anyone unconsciously and unintentionally 🙏🙏

    And I hope and pray my friend that nobody ever hurts you 🙏🤗

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