Let’s kill each other

Everything is on fire, but not everyone is burning
the whole world is a mess but not everyone is drowning.

Let’s throw more bombs maybe it would bring peace
try manufacturing more guns, maybe it would set everyone free.

Who cares if innocent people die
it shouldn’t affect us, at least we’re alive.

Those children are aching, and those mothers are crying
it doesn’t matter if fathers are begging and brothers are dying.

But who cares
let’s talk about clothes and makeup brands
let’s kill each other and fight over land.

Those people don’t deserve to live
even death is better than us people
we talk about compassion and love
but even animals are more peaceful.

16 thoughts on “Let’s kill each other

  1. Our world is spinning the same ways as when it was created. Back then people fought against each other for possession of land and animals. Now in some parts wars are carried out in the word of different Dictators . The only one in charge of this world we call Earth is God. Who is going to send his only Begotten to return so we should stop all this fighting to get Earth ready for Jesus Christ. Till then lets pray each day asking for freedom from wars, starvation, and reach for the Quran and also Our Holy Bibles and my church will also reach for The Book of Mormon Another Testament to Jesus Christ. We can I do believe create peace and get rid of starvation and children education and more. The money that pays for wars should be put towards peaceful efforts.

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