I slipped of my insecurities and fears
and buried them beneath the surface of this land.
The earth screamed in agony and cried to me
telling me this was too much for her to bear.

Sometimes I wish I could pluck off my insecurities as easily as one could pluck off a flower from the ground. But its not easy. Every time I’ve try to do that, I’ve damaged a part of my soul and now I’m terrified of causing more damage. It’s like in order for you to fix one thing you destroy another. It’s like the domino effect.

But the weirdest thing is that we all have different insecurities. One thing that could cause me anxiety could be a joke to someone else. Or something that could be a joke to someone else could cause me anxiety. But that’s the irony. Our fears and insecurities are nothing more than just thoughts with thorns in our heads. It takes energy and effort to conquer and take over something that’s trying to take you over. Sometimes you need patience. Sometimes you need an outer force to help you. Sometimes you just need to believe in yourself as much as the sun believes in its light or as much as the earth believes in its beauty.

27 thoughts on “Insecurities

  1. Sth that took me a while to learn!, until i hit my 20s is when i started finally seeing others’ insecurities as if they never had them all this time! But i was always looking only at what they show me and ofc ppl only show you the things they are confident to show …
    Anyway, it was when i finally was convinced that i’m not supposed to be perfect and that’s how I have insecurities and therefore all my fellow human beings are the same as well … (sorry for my long comment 🙈)
    Thank you for sharing Aishatiii~💝🙈💕

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      1. Ow~ really glad it brings a smile to your face! Had I known, I would have done it long time ago ~ 💕🌸🙈 yeah I chose to be a human too! I admit and i’m proud and confident with the clumsy person that i’m and I never try to hide my mistakes or make myself look good …~ 💕🌸🙈 It makes me happy to meet someone like you who shares a similar culture here which i never expected!


  2. By reading their reflections, we can deduce those insecurities that we can combat by highlighting our emotional stability. In this way, we can face the challenges and uncertainties that come our way in daily life.
    I liked reading your reflection. A contribution to our personal stability.

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    1. Your very welcome! Let’s just say sometimes I’m not really surrounded by positive people and that takes a toll on my mental health… so I write it out! Glad you liked it!

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