My trip to Italy

I love traveling. Any type of traveling. This includes my long voyage to my college, which is roughly about 40 minutes by train. It’s the thrill of seeing novel faces, the excitement of new -events- minus the fact that one time I was half an hour late to my bio-Chem final because some idiot pulled the emergency brakes. I passed that class with a C. Not my proudest moment.

But going to Italy was spontaneous. I’m brown by the way. And brown children no matter how old they grow aren’t allowed to leave their house without parental provision. Both my parents are overprotective and letting me and my sister go alone to Italy, (where my uncle lives by the way) was equivalent to being shot in the chest.

I was doing my calculus homework online, and somehow I ended up on a website with cheap tickets. And then BAM I bought the tickets for myself and my sister for august. My dad miraculously was okay with it. I told my cousins who lives in Canada and Germany and they decided to join too. We went to Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vatican City and Pisa. We also visited Hanover, Berlin and Konstanz in Germany and Rheinfall in Switzerland.

Lake Como ( Lombardy, Italy) close to Milan. From here you can see the Pre-Switz alps .

Duomo (Milan Cathedral) The Cathedral is breathtaking and it took six centuries to complete. It’s the fourth largest in the world.

Leolandia (a theme park for children, but it was fascinating because it had mini structures of all the places you could visit in Italy).

Bergamo went to visit someone and took these pictures on the way. The view was breath taking.

Florence (home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture)

Rome the capitol of italy ( did you guys know nearly 700,000 euros worth of coins are tossed into Rome’s Trevi Fountain each year… we threw and pennies)

Venice a beautiful city built on more than a hundred small islands.

Vatican city headquarters of the roman Catholic church.

Pisa where the leaning tower is located.

Germany: Hanover, Konstanz and Berlin and (Switzerland: Rheinfall)
We drove from Italy (Milan) to Switzerland (Rheinfall) to Germnay (Konstanz). My cousin dorms in Konstanz and it is beautiful. The city borders borders Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland itself is like heaven on earth. While coming back we took the flix bus and that was one shady bus.

20 thoughts on “My trip to Italy

  1. Beautiful pix Rinum…this line is sitting in my head “I was doing my calculus homework online, and somehow I ended up on a website with cheap tickets.” So much relatable & funny ✨😂

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  2. Looks like you had a great time! I’ve never been there , it doesn’t really matter if you’re brown as what you typed here in the blog post, we are all humans and all that matters in life in my perspective is that we be kind to each other and live in peace no matter what race we are, and be open to new knowledge like what you learned in your bio chem class.

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