But tell me, have you found God?

You’ve lightened up candles in churches
and knocked on temple doors
you lowered your head in a mosque
and cried on synagogue floors

You sat on prayer mats
and on benches made of wood
you cried day and night
and did everything you could

You voyaged to Mecca and Medina
and knelt on the ground
you took a bath in ganga
but tell me what have you found?

Nothing but anxiety
in every form of prayer
you say you believe with your soul
yet you’re caged in despair

if you seek the divine
than look into your soul
you’re doing everything you can
but tell me is your heart pure?

Poetry book: Curing My Venom

15 thoughts on “But tell me, have you found God?

  1. Wonderful. God is not to be found in the ritual and the pilgrimages. It is a power, a super-consciousness which lies resplendent inside of us. To be awakened in deep surrender. A very profound poem


  2. I really like this, especially with the title. I found the the last five-line stanza jarring. Not just the extra line of greeting but you abandoned the rhyme scheme, second and forth lines of the previous. Still, well done.

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