What does depression look like?

Depression is like an invisible demon that eats you from the inside until you’re hollow. It chews your mind like termites do until you’re empty. Depression doesn’t come to you with a warning. It slowly slithers in your mind and takes over. You become afraid of your own thoughts. You become your biggest enemy. Fear takes a hold of your body and it puts you in chains. Getting out of bed becomes a task that’s hard to accomplish. Looking after yourself becomes a burden. You become mentally tired and your brain gets all foggy. Things that excited you don’t please you anymore. You feel tied down by hopelessness and your body becomes a sponge that absorbs negativity and pain. The worst part is that you don’t understand why you’re feeling the way you are and because of that you start hating yourself. Depression slowly transforms into suicidal thoughts and you find yourself being pulled into a void you so desperately want to escape.

Depression is real and it’s not commonly talked about especially in the culture I come from. It’s frowned upon and it’s a taboo. It’s something that needs to be hidden like a sin. I’ve seen too many people around me wither away in silence because saying, “I’m depressed,” is worse than actually being depressed. But I’ve also seen people come back to life because they fought depression like warriors. And no it’s not easy. You might fall back into the void. You’ll get wounded. You’ll be in pain. But trust me you’ll make it through. I believe that you are strong enough to overcome anything you put your mind to. Sometimes you need help and that’s perfectly fine. Asking for a shoulder to lean on is normal. Requesting someone to hold your hand is okay. But just make sure the person on the other end is the one who will pull you through, not push you. Put yourself first if you have to. How can you help someone else swim when you’re drowning?

If you’re depressed, don’t keep your lips sealed. Ask for help. Scream if you have to. But please don’t stay silent. Life is too pure and beautiful to live in pain and silence. 

17 thoughts on “What does depression look like?

  1. This is a beautifully written post! I completely agree – part of the problem with the stigma around depression is it prevents those who are from opening up and asking for the help they need! As you say it’s never ever too late. There is no shame in asking for help. Thank you for inspiring us 🙏

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  2. Really!! We all need to address this issue among ourselves. You have extraordinarily explained it. It could happen to the one without even making him or her realising what is going on.
    Keep going with these important write ups!!

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  3. Well said. Even in my culture (Britain) I felt depression was something to be ashamed of. Seeking therapy was what other people did. Not us, we were stronger-minded than that! But I knew I had to try to help myself, so I asked for help and yes, it’s a long, hard, painful battle. But the alternative? Not acceptable!
    I wish you peace.


  4. The silence is what makes it so damn hard. Because people expect you to be silemt about these things. And if not, to get silent again after you got “help”. Because now that you “got help” you shouldn’t need to talk again about it, right? Wrong! We need to talk about it as long as it takes! Have to be louder and break this crazy silence around the world. Most of us are in some way depressed. Some more some less, but the silence makes it stronger. Together we could be so happy and do so wonderful things.

    Thank you for speaking up! 💜


  5. It feels like all cultures think the same thing abt depression and i’m thinking now, why? What do they expect us to be? A sturdy wall that nothing can penetrate although that in itself isn’t possible on a concrete level … glad you are shedding light on these topics ~ 🥰

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  6. So much truth in this piece! “…your body becomes a sponge that absorbs negativity and pain.” Something I’ve not seen spoken about before but you’re absolutely right. Not only is the internal pressure creating the depression, but it also draws external factors in deep as well.


  7. Very well put! In Kuwait, depression and mental health in general is not very well understood and there is a lack of support available for people. Depression can happen to anyone and I wish people would understand that and its not embarrassing or shameful. People need support and not to be judged. Thank you for this post.

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