Fat shaming….

My mom had thyroid problems and she had a surgery. I don’t know the details but I know she said she had hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland can’t produce enough thyroid hormone to keep the body running. Thyroid hormone regulate the body’s metabolic rate controlling heart, muscle and digestive function, brain development and bone maintenance.

I have that too. Mine is under control though, and I don’t have anything to worry about. But Hypothyroidism makes you gain weight, it slows your heart rate and you become intolerable to the cold. Slow heart rate and cold don’t make much of a difference, unless you pass out. But weight gain does have its toll. Mentally and physically.

Where I come from, fat shaming is common. I remember when I was young I was told that I was too fat and I needed to stop eating. I needed to diet. I was probably ten or eleven. I was called names and bullied. The emotional toll makes you lose your mind. The words people say don’t go away easily. They linger in the back of your mind even if you pretend they don’t make a difference.

Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism is still unknown in many under developed countries. My mom has sleep apnea and even that’s unknown. Sleep apnea is when a person’s breathing randomly stops and starts when they are asleep. Meaning you could stop breathing in your sleep.

But coming back to hypothyroidism. I’m talking about this right now because I went to some relative’s house. And they started fat shaming this family even though they knew the family had a history of hypothyroidism.

“Maybe they should get a family membership in the gym.”

“It’s all that oil they put in their foods.”

“How unhealthy.”

In Islam Geebat (back biting) is haram (a sin), but people still do it. We make fun of people, hate them because of that tiny perspective we have of them. There is more to the story. We only know the title, yet we judge as if we’ve read the entire book. And when others do this to us, we ache. Instead of hating we should help people and be positive. Maybe that person who always smiles is in pain but he/she doesn’t show it. Life is like that. We have no right to judge peoples struggles. Maybe what is a rose garden for you could be bed of thorns for someone else. All I’m saying is that we should be kind and compassionate. Let’s learn to love as easily as we learn to hate.

17 thoughts on “Fat shaming….

  1. Fat shaming is really horrible, you have hereditary hyper thyroid from your mom, I’m not a person who is in the best shape, I’ve been in the190s and 180s so it’s technically overweight. I got up to the weight 201 earlier this year. I have a small exercise plan for now but I didn’t before. i hope people never fat shamed you, I hope you’re having a blessed summer

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    1. Sadly I have been fat shamed so many times. Now it doesn’t bother me. I try to eat healthy and I try to exercise- for health reasons. I hope things work out for you buddy. Don’t let people’s voices get to you!

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  2. If only everyone was as gentle and reasonable as you. I am hypothyroid too, had surgery which was rather painful back in 1971! I’ve battled to keep weight off, really I’ve always been disciplined in what I eat but I’ve always “felt fat” because I was programmed to think that way. It’s made me uncomfortable in my body all my life. I do so wish people were kinder to one another. You never know how badly your words can hurt another. We need to be more thoughtful.

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  3. I wasn’t diagnosed but i can see that fat runs in my family and as mom and dad are from the same family so it’s so of a high chance we have some problem … ~🙈😭 i have been fat shamed many MANY times from everyone and the fact that they blamed my eating habits although they never seen my eating habits played on my psyche and little me deemed everyone all knowing and i had a hard time to finally break off those low confidence shackles … we got to know later that i ate lesser than them and they finally realised that really that causal association was so false~ and for Geebat, i see a relation with humbleness, when one loses that they begin to feel they are more than the orhers and so they feel they have the right to judge although really the more we know shows that there is alot more we don’t know …~ 🤓🥰 Thank you for the lovely post, topic and the person you you share with us in every post~ 🥰💝


  4. What a lovely post with beautiful message…..”Maybe what is a rose garden for you could be bed of thorns for someone else.”….this is sitting quite deep in my head….fat shaming is quite an important subject….those who do that, think they’re giving so valuable input….when in reality, all they do is to make them look good….while they make others feel bad….thank you for sharing….yeah, humans need love more than anything else….


  5. Its all about the proportionate of food you intake in regular diet decide the fate of Thyroid.
    I suggest you to try this in your diet to bring it back naturally to normalize also any one can do it and its proved many times.

    Eat raw Dill in the morning, consume Coriander powder in daily meal you can dilute in luke warn water this increase magnesium in body . Also add up a drink with tamarind with honey, wintercherry in morning is also suggested , look at natural zinc rich food ,then with out forgetting consume tender coconut in the evening so that with in three months. If dr advise any thing related to Thyroxine related chemical just stop it day one it will kill the person gradually deep with in.

    Ignore people talk rubbish on others tongue do not have a bone and can twist both ways. If you are confident with in you will win.

    I am sharing my own experience i was able to fix it with help of my dietitian and you can do it too. I adopt these things in my daily life so there won’t be a health issue any time. Wish you a bright smile and health. You can start with this today for a speedy recovery .

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  6. Your own reaction decides the people’s talk about you,, more it affects you people talk more about it, lesser it affects you people too stop talking about it,,
    So whatever you are, be proud and acceptable for yourself,

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