Things I would believe in when I was young

If you blew on a dandelion all your wishes would come true. (Whenever my parents would take me to the park, instead of going to the playground, I would roam around and search for dandelions to blow on). Sometimes unconsciously I still do that.

A four-leaf clover will bring you good luck. When I wasn’t searching for dandelions I would roam around and look for four-leaf clovers. I never found one, but I haven’t lost hope. When I’m sitting on the grass, my eyes wander around for a four-leaf clover.

One time I accidentally swallowed a magnet and I was convinced I was going to die. I did what any other child would do. I took another magnet and placed it on my stomach to see if it sticks. It didn’t. But I remember lying down on the bed waiting for the angels of death to come. FYI, they didn’t.

I thought babies were born as soon as you knew you were ready for one, and they just popped into existence. I hadn’t taken bio…

I believed that if I ran straight ahead, I could touch the sun. Ironically, I’ve been running all my life and I still don’t have toned legs, and of course I haven’t touched the sun.

The moon would always follow me because I was special. Apparently and sadly, I am not.

The moon was made of cheese. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be an astronaut (another broken dream).

I believed that everything was under my control. I was the master of my own fate. But now I realize that I am only in control of my reactions not other people’s actions.

I was so convinced that the tooth fairy was real that I made my brother believe in it to. I didn’t know that the money I found under my pillow was left there by my dad.

Clouds are made from cloud factories, and I always wanted to work in one…

I believed that if I closed my eyes when things would go bad than everything would freeze and things would get better. (I still kinda believe in that, and sometimes I do that to make myself believe that everything is ok). I feel in control. It’s that milli-second that gives me all the courage I need to make it through.

I believed that electricity came from thunder.

And thunder came because God was mad. Maybe I was thinking of Zeus (even though I had no idea who Zeus was at that time).

I believed that if I was a good person then everyone in the world would be good to me, and I would be Gods favorite… I guess I’m not.

I believed God was in the sky and every time I prayed; I would look up…  but I guess God never looked down.

One of my mom’s friends made me believe that if a crow crowed near your house, that means you’re having guests over (unconsciously I still believe in that).

I had an imaginary best friend. (Actually, I had so many. I didn’t need any real friends because I got to create my own- I wish I could still do that. Maybe this is why I have a hard time making friends because I never learned the art of friend-making. Why would I need that when… poof… I could just make my own friends). My mom tells me I would often talk to myself when I was young. Obviously, who else would I talk to when I need expert advice.

I saw my dad as iron man. When I was younger, I believed that he was capable of doing anything. I still believe that. He makes me feel safe and secure. When he’s with me, no matter how bad the circumstance is, I feel unafraid. He doesn’t know this. I hope he reads this one day and figures it out.

Sometimes I wish I could believe in all those things again. Where the world was black and white with no grey in between. Where the only thing I had to do was reach for the sky to touch it. Where my world of fantasies and imagination gave me all the comfort I needed….

22 thoughts on “Things I would believe in when I was young

  1. Yep, as a child you believe easily what others tell you.
    It actually is a natural thing, until you get fooled for it…
    I think, that it is good to have dreams like being an astronaut because although everything seems to be against it, there still is a tiny chance that it could come true.
    Not like finding four-leaf clovers, you should really stop believing in such things, since everyone knows that in nature everything stays the same forever and ever and ever *echoes into endless space*

    But eh… in case you should some four-leaf clovers, I would be happy to see one. 😀

    The child inside is actually which gives us hope and love and there is a chance for some things to actually be true or become true at some point. Not all things of course and you of course shouldn’t believe anything what someone says, which we both had to learn the hard way.
    I also thought, that if I am good, that then I would get good things or people. And in my case it partially even was true, but because of other reasons.

    I hope you will find your fantasy again and some safety.

    And the thing with “making” friends, I can tell you one thing, if you want real friends, you have to be open towards each other. I am very good with “making” friends, but actual friends (someone I trust to the core), I only have myself and one who I trust with most things. Which doesn’t mean, that I don’t like other people. I simply can’t tell everyone about my true self. At least so far it was impossible.

    For this part, you can consider me as a friend of yours, only if you want that, of course.
    My biggest problem with friends is, that they don’t get me and then I close up or don’t even open up in the first place. So I was basically a fake friend for them and some of them probably were fake friends towards me as well. But around me, people usually are more like themselves and open up. I have some kind of ability to make them do that.

    And no, I don’t need friends, like most people, to just hang around, drink some alcohol or talk about some basic/normal things. But I guess that you know what I mean.

    I personally also don’t think that I will ever see the stars first hand, but hope dies at last. 🙂

    Thank you for writing and I wish you good luck.
    And don’t forget to tell me about the four-leaf clovers, okay ? 😀 ❤

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    1. That was very heart warming! Thank you. True friends are rare to find (like four-leaf clovers), but when you find them. You should keep them close to yourself. Your comment made me smile. Thank you for that. And yes we should always keep the child in us alive. That child is what helps us cope through life! I wish you all the best in life buddy!

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  2. Somewhere I actually have an old dried up 4 leaf clover. I didn’t find it, though, so it probably doesn’t count as lucky. It belonged to a favourite aunt. For some reason I believe seeing pheasants is lucky, for me. Maybe because on a day when things could easily have gone bad, I saw one, and things worked out, maybe because I like them. As a child I was not easily convinced of things. Maybe my elder brother told me there was no Santa, no tooth fairy, although I don’t think it was that. I was sick in bed one day when a loose tooth came out, so I didn’t say anything to my Mum. I just put the tooth under my pillow, but when she came to take my temperature, I opened my mouth wide and I know she saw the tooth was gone and probably figured out I was testing the fairy! How awful to have been such a cynical child!

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    1. Hahah you were one smart cookie. I am very gullible. Even now. I easily believe what people tell me (its not good in the long run). but having a four leaf clover is amazing. Please send me a picture of it. I would love to see it!


      1. As soon as i find it….when you get old you have a lot of little things like that all in safe places….and I have moved so many times those places have all got re-arranged…it’s here somewhere!


  3. I always wanted to go back to when i was young like it was never complicated and stressful, thank you for reminding me of all the beautiful memories~ 💖🙈


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