Hidden messages

How can you possibly say
Everything’s going to be okay?
Little do you know
Pieces of me are aching to let go.

My mind is shattering, and here I am
Escaping myself all over again.

Pick me up
Love me the same
End this hatred
And this never-ending game
Save me from myself
Erase this pain.



Or all of the above?

(First letter of the first word!)

Poetry book: Curing My Venom

12 thoughts on “Hidden messages

  1. I would embrace you and tell you that you are going to live and that you are not guilty for being yourself. I felt guilty for what others did to me and that I didn’t help myself and that others couldn’t really help or I didn’t let them try. I really don’t want to lose you as a friend and would love to be there for you to overcome these things together.
    And it is very good that you wrote all these things down.
    I hope you know that I wouldn’t want to see you be gone and that you wouldn’t have to do anything. It breaks my heart that you are suffering like this and that you must feel very alone.
    It is so sad and depressing that there are so many people, but many of us are either scared of each other or hate each other or just fear ourselves and such things.
    And I don’t know where you are at the moment (where you live).
    But I would wish to pick you up and bring you somewhere safe. If you would want that.
    Over all, I am thankful for having you and don’t want you to feel this horrible and alone.
    I am probably far away from distance and I am not sure whether I would reach you at the moment, but I really don’t want to lose you. I hope we will meet one day face to face.

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  2. Beautifully written…..relatable…..you aren’t alone…..believe me, you’ll come out & stand upright even though it doesn’t feels like right now….


  3. Wow~ happens that i relate to every piece you write that i sometimes wonder if we share the same brain cells lol~ 🙈😭 Great piece dear~ AND i really hope for us both to only meet people that would understand us and love us the way we are because we are pure and that’s rare~ ..


      1. That’s actually really nice. I personally find it hard to give words to what I feel, but like your poems are so good and its great you like communicating through them! 👏

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