I quit

It was when I could not take it anymore
I yanked my heart out of my chest
and placed it in my palm.

Why are you like this?
I asked, trying to stay calm.

You’ve put me through so much chaos
my heart silently wailed
and you ask me what is wrong
you’re the one that’s broken
yet you beg me to be strong
I refuse to fill myself with this venom and pain
I quit

go find someone else to blame.

I quit too

Poetry book: Curing My Venom

17 thoughts on “I quit

  1. Quitting on the venom and listening to heart.
    As long as the quitting is related to something in your life (people, a job, …) and not all you are.
    Losing someone like you would definitely not be on my wishlist. Quite the oppsoite, I would wish that you can get where you are happy and safe and your heart feels good. 💜💛

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  2. This is amazing. Sometimes we just want to quit, it feels like our heart wants to quit too, but the power of the human being is to continue on, cling on to the frail bits of hope, and keep climbing. Beautiful 🥺❤

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