Seed of dreams

I lost all my hope as failure stripped me of my pride
through that sky I fell so hard
that every dream broke and died.
The ambition that once held me
slowly threw me down
I took those shattered seeds of my dreams
and buried them on this ground.
Failure dragged me away
and defeat tied my hope into chains
but my journey made me strong
it brought me back to where I once began.
Now I see a starting line
I walk toward a rusty old grave
It’s the one that held my dreams, while I ran away.
I’m standing by that pavement
and I’m falling to my knees
why did I come back here
if I gave up on those dreams?
I strangled all my determination
it’s tearing me apart
I quickly dig up that grave
to retrieve what I lost.
Through this mud and clay
I find a small seed that’s slowly dying inside
I hold it in my hands as tears pour down my eyes.
It’s the seed
that I once wanted to plant in those clouds
but I failed to nourish it
because I doubted my own self.
My dreams didn’t die
I killed them because I was weak
I let failure dictate the little hope I had left in me.
I steadily force my way up
with the seed clenched in my hand
I’ll plant it in the sky
where it will bloom once again.
If only I had faith
in all those dreams I once had seen
I would have made a jungle of dreams
with this tiny seed.
Seed of dreams.

19 thoughts on “Seed of dreams

      1. Thank you Rinum….I meant you by “this seed” when I wrote….you’re blossoming through your deep writings & in contact with your being….I’m blossoming as well 😊✨💙

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  1. “I strangled all my determination
    it’s tearing me apart”
    I really relate to this poem, but this part is so beautifully written and resonates with me so much. You are very talented 💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

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