The curse of a female

I curse at myself for being born a female
in a world, that aches for men.

Maybe if I had the “y” chromosome things would be easier
I wouldn’t have to fight for my voice to be heard
over the roaring of a man’s.

My words wouldn’t lose their meaning as soon as they slip out of my mouth.
I would be respected for my choices, for my opinions, and for my existence.

I wouldn’t have someone wish I was born a boy when my mother gave birth to me.
I wouldn’t have someone wish I gave birth to a boy.

I wouldn’t have to sacrifice myself, my dreams, and my values just to be appreciated and accepted.
I wouldn’t have the label, “selfish” on me when I want to do something for myself.

I am an honor for my brother
Respect for my father
And a sacrifice for my husband.

I am not allowed to have an identity of my own
I belong to a world that celebrates the birth of a boy
and the death of a girl.

I curse myself for being born a female.

21 thoughts on “The curse of a female

  1. Your poem says what so many feel. I sympathise with all my heart. By chance I was born in a situation where my gender was only a small problem for me, comparatively. But it should not be a problem ever, for anyone.

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  2. May be in our society girls are not acceptable but the fact is girls are doing excellent in all the field! And we don’t need to feel shame because we are unique! Well shared 🙂

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  3. After reading this poem these lines came to my mind, a little tryout!

    never get down
    It’s my words
    of a father
    of two girls,

    never get down
    don’t ever try
    even fly high
    high in the sky..


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