The curse of a female

I curse at myself for being born a female
in a world, that aches for men.

Maybe if I had the “y” chromosome things would be easier
I wouldn’t have to fight for my voice to be heard
over the roaring of a man’s.

My words wouldn’t lose their meaning as soon as they slip out of my mouth.
I would be respected for my choices, for my opinions, and for my existence.

I wouldn’t have someone wish I was born a boy when my mother gave birth to me.
I wouldn’t have someone wish I gave birth to a boy.

I wouldn’t have to sacrifice myself, my dreams, and my values just to be appreciated and accepted.
I wouldn’t have the label, “selfish” on me when I want to do something for myself.

I am an honor for my brother
Respect for my father
And a sacrifice for my husband.

I am not allowed to have an identity of my own
I belong to a world that celebrates the birth of a boy
and the death of a girl.

I curse myself for being born a female.

3 thoughts on “The curse of a female

  1. Your poem says what so many feel. I sympathise with all my heart. By chance I was born in a situation where my gender was only a small problem for me, comparatively. But it should not be a problem ever, for anyone.

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