A Letter to my Husband

Dear same same 

I don’t remember the first time we met
because we were just kids
running around in the park
trying not to be it 

But I do remember the times
you would call whenever you were free
or the times
you drove all the way just to see me 

You got me flowers and chocolates  
and put in the effort even when I didn’t reply  
I guess it was you who set the bar way up high  

You’ve always been by my side  
through the ups and downs  
you’ve lowered your pride  
to give me your crown  

You fought my demons with me
and you took me into your arms when the anxiety would hit  
it wasn’t an easy journey  
but you refused to quit  

And there where times
when I couldn’t pull through
maybe that’s why Allah
gave me a blessing disguised as you  

Because when I hit rock bottom
and I couldn’t breathe
you became superman and rescued me

I didn’t know you’d become the peace
to my heart or the coolness to my eyes  
I didn’t know you’d become the light to my soul  
or the answer to all my why’s  

The path wasn’t always filled with light
there was mistrust, tears and a whole bunch of fights
but each time we grew stronger and tougher
each time we found our way back to each other

I’m proud of the husband you’ve become
and the father you’re learning to be
I’m grateful that someone like you
found someone like me

With every breath I take
I silently pray that Allah keeps blessing us
and pulls us through
if I could open my heart
you’d know the infinite love I have for you

I pray we grow old together
as the love grows in our hearts
we’ll meet again in Jannah
because death cannot do us apart.

22 thoughts on “A Letter to my Husband

  1. this reminds me of the Letter to my husband i wrote which you also loved, i still remember you told me you read it to your husband which made me sooooo happy 🙈 loved how days and months and yrs have gone by that now i’m reading your own version of it 🙈💖 which inspired me and is making wait and look forward to when i have a huband and after few yrs i ll write him again another letter to my husband, i hope that day comes though 😭 haha why does this suddenly feel sad. didnt mean to be I swear 😥💖


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