Having anxiety is like:

Bleeding on the inside with no blood.Hurting badly but having no visible wounds.Aching like hell but there is no noticeable injury.You feel every excruciating second, but you don’t have time.You’ve done no physical work, but you feel so tired that all you want to do is sleep.Your thoughts move faster than photons and yet they … Continue reading Having anxiety is like:

A Letter to my Husband

Dear same same  I don't remember the first time we met because we were just kids running around in the park trying not to be it  But I do remember the times you would call whenever you were free or the times you drove all the way just to see me  You got me flowers … Continue reading A Letter to my Husband

Late realizations

"Oxidation of Acetyl acid," my professor is talking about the Krebs cycle. It's a biological pathway that is used to create energy. I spent the last two days on YouTube, watching different videos trying to absorb all this information.I know what she's talking about, but I can't focus. I don't want to focus. I feel … Continue reading Late realizations

Anxiety and suicide

"Anxiety is not a big deal. Get over it. It’s all in your head. You’re overreacting. Stop acting so childish. Your faith is weak. You need to pray more." These are just a few things I’ve heard over the past few years of being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Everyone is right. It’s not a … Continue reading Anxiety and suicide

The curse of a female

I curse at myself for being born a female in a world, that aches for men. Maybe if I had the “y” chromosome things would be easier I wouldn’t have to fight for my voice to be heard over the roaring of a man’s. My words wouldn’t lose their meaning as soon as they slip … Continue reading The curse of a female