Having anxiety is like:

Bleeding on the inside with no blood.Hurting badly but having no visible wounds.Aching like hell but there is no noticeable injury.You feel every excruciating second, but you don’t have time.You’ve done no physical work, but you feel so tired that all you want to do is sleep.Your thoughts move faster than photons and yet they … Continue reading Having anxiety is like:

Hiding under the bed

The worst part of having depression is not knowing how to explain it to someone who is completely fine and mentally healthy. How do you tell someone that there is an invisible wound inside of you that’s constantly bleeding and there isn’t much you can do about it? Each day the wound gets deeper and … Continue reading Hiding under the bed

I took off my hijab

I ordered abayas from an online website, but I accidently gave the wrong address. I contacted the website, but they refused to help saying there wasn’t much they could do. My only option was to physically go to that address and ask them if they received my package. It didn’t seem so bad. But the … Continue reading I took off my hijab