Perks of being Muslim while traveling

Take this and that. Don't forget that. Oh, and what about these. Everything. Take every single thing you can even if it means that you'll have to carry it on your back like camels do. You never know when you might be needing a jacket even though the temperature is rising to a hundred degrees. … Continue reading Perks of being Muslim while traveling

But tell me, have you found God?

You’ve lightened up candles in churches and knocked on temple doors you lowered your head in a mosque and cried on synagogue floors You sat on prayer mats and on benches made of wood you cried day and night and did everything you could You voyaged to Mecca and Medina and knelt on the ground … Continue reading But tell me, have you found God?

Crying on bathroom floors

All that pain you’ve kept beneath those hidden faces and all those tears you’ve cried on bathroom floors and pillow cases all those aches, wounds and insecurities you’ve been carrying for a while give them all to me so I could see you smile. I know you’re aching and you won’t ever break but the … Continue reading Crying on bathroom floors

Immigrants are animals!

Immigrants are animals! Okay! Thank you for that Mr. Trump but can you be a little more specific, like what type of animals? I prefer being a tiger, or maybe a falcon. An eagle will do. Just out of curiosity what type of immigrant is your wife? Oh, wait you meant illegal immigrants.  Okay! Interesting. … Continue reading Immigrants are animals!