What is anxiety?

It's when you’re drowning and you can't seem to float you’re trying to speak but the words are clogged in your throat. Your lips tremble and a tear rolls down your cheek you’re supposed to be strong but every fiber in you seems weak. Your thoughts are racing at a speed you can't count butterflies … Continue reading What is anxiety?

The slit of a wrist

I slide against the door, sitting on the cold floor with my knees pressed against my chest. The back of my head is leaning on the wooden door, next to the doorknob. A pounding headache is wrapping its arms around my temples. I can’t think straight. The voices in the back of my head that … Continue reading The slit of a wrist

High School- An old memory.

High School. A pain in the arse. Especially if you're not even a student anymore. It's hectic. It's like you're standing in front of the same teachers and the same consulars all over again, but the only problem is, is that you're being scolded like you've cut class to hang out with those kids who … Continue reading High School- An old memory.