But I am not God!

But I am not God!

I know, but you can be the answer
to someone else’s call
you can be the net
to someone else’s fall.

You can be the shade
to someone else’s rain
and you can be the salve
to someone else’s pain.

You don’t need to be a superhero
to wipe away a tear
you can be the courage
to someone else’s fear.

Look my love
in a world where you can be anything
I ask you to be strong
put down your ego
and for once be the melody
to someone else’s song.

I know you don’t have powers
but you must save yourself too
because only then will you help
someone else get through
you don’t need to be powerful
to help another soul
but if you can
then I ask you to be someone else’s cure.

Be kind, my love

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

19 thoughts on “But I am not God!

  1. Wow wow wow. You have taken my breath away. I truly love this poem. What powerful truth you have conveyed.

    Indeed, how we underestimate the impact we can have in another’s life. Our words can bring life and build up or they can tear down. If you know pain – why not help someone else get through theirs? For if we take our own pain and allow God to use it to help someone else – our pain is not in vain.

    I love this. God bless you for writing such beautiful words. You are blessed with a gift and are touching us all with your heart. β™₯ ~ Holly


  2. It’s such a simple concept, caring for each other, that we all need to keep saying this and acting this way until everyone understands. You have said it simply with an eloquence that allows people to absorb it. Well done,

    Thank you for reading the Pen’s Might.

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